No, this isn't the usual rant about Portland being too hipsterish or tall bikes or whatever. It's just about people being fucking dicks.

To the couple with backpacks on the bus this afternoon, that woman had some kind of disability and she just really wanted to talk to someone about Transformers. Your refusal to talk back to her makes you a fucking dick. I hope your stupid smug little traveling faces get treated with as much indifference as you showed her. Also, I can guarantee my opinion of you is much lower than yours of her.

To the idiot kid who stole from the homeless couple. You're fucking despicable. You and your friends. They're a nice couple, they're trying really hard to get off the streets. They want jobs. They want a place to live. They had $100 and you fucking took it from them. And to you swanky restaurant famous for its desserts, let the guy charge his phone. Fuck. Oh and fancy ice cream place? You have no fucking place to be complaining about people blocking the sidewalk. It's not a crime to be homeless. We got rid of one of our actual problems. They're not it.

I hope you all rot in hell on earth and when you need someone to be kind to you, or charity, people turn their backs on you like you do to them.