What part of "We'll be closing in 10 minutes" made you think starting a Scrabble game was a good idea? There is an alarming trend in Portland with people thinking it's okay to sit in a restaurant 30 minutes after close. Who does that? I bet you clock off precisely at 5 o'clock from your shitty desk job. Yes we will serve you up til last call, but seriously, that doesn't mean you're welcome to stay past close. When the bartender, chef, waitstaff and dishwasher are all sitting at the bar staring at you, waiting for their shift drink, don't you feel just a little out of place? The music is off, the lights are uncomfortably bright and we all JUST WANT TO LEAVE! This has got to stop Portland. Do we have to send up flares?!? Just pay your bill and GET THE FUCK OUT! We don't need your crappy $3 tip.