We 30 plus people all share only one toilet and one urinal stall. That's us and thats it. You are always in there. "pooping"? Doubtful. We hear your phone noises and heavy breathing. You like it in there. Possible club house?

When you walk into the restroom( another gross misreprensation) and decide to sit, naked ass, and poop. For wayyyyy too long, do you get a little excited beforehand? I mean, here you go! Its your time to sit naked on a circle with your rectum hovering over a pool of water. Yay! Time is now irrelevant and other people are out!

Heres the thing, anyone comes into this bathroom,the very first thing we ALL notice is your shoes, poopy.

You really, really like sitting on the toilet huh?. All naked. Just to play with your IPhone? A time out? Whatever, your pants around your ankles and your constant sniffing says otherwise Crapster McGee.