I’m sorry if we rock out too hard in my apartment two floors down. My boyfriend works full time and is student teaching 5 days a week, yesterday was his first day off in three weeks. I promise you that should you come down, knock on the door and ask us to stop whatever it is that is making you so upset, we will do that while being very apologetic. Sliding note cards under my door so that I can wake up to “Seriously guys? I can hear you 2 floors up. Please be considerate.” And “You are getting beyond ridiculous. I have to finish writing my thesis by tomorrow. Thanks for nothing.” Is immature, passive- aggressive bullshit. Lets have a conversation. I don’t care if you lay the holy verbal smack down on me as long as it’s neighbor to neighbor.
I would especially like to have the conversation about yesterday, my boyfriend was home and I’m sure loud as shit from 8am-8pm and then we were out until 11pm. We may have been drunk and loud for the twenty minutes before we went to bed. I don’t feel bad for you having to listen to the thudding of music from two floors down during the daytime. You live in college housing. I’m assuming you just moved in here. You’re in for a surprise when you find out that a lot of your neighbors enjoy bumpin techno music until 2am.

I left you a note explaining this. I tapped it above the mailboxes so hopefully in the future you’ll handle the situation differently.
Don’t be a bitch.