I perform Karaoke in costume and in character. If you have not seen me at your bars karaoke night-you will. I am not the drunken douchbag hogging the mic with an eight minute rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody (hey, KJ's-could you take every song over 5 minutes OFF your song list). I am a performer who customizes my songs. I was in your old town bar last night, and was cut off and reprimanded for saying "FUCK". (What The Fuck!?!?)...Are you fucking kidding me!? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. It's art. It's performance. It's a grown up word in a grown up bar. Do I look like Will Fucking Smith?! How is it ok that I can spend my money in your bar, get drunk, take home a stranger for anal coitus, but I cant say "FUCK"? (This from the same town that won't accept a black face performer-Fuck you, you passive, spineless, mealy mouthed Portlanders. I will Fucking say Fuck when I Fucking want to, so Fuck You You Fucking Fuck!