This is for every walker, runner, wandering wino or whoever else I stumble a pond who's right in the middle of the bike lane or road.

Get out, GET OUT NOW! I'll had IT! It's not your place to be there. I'm trying to maneuver myself through and you're there like a salmon going against traffic or with your back towards traffic. Why can't you use the place where you're supposed to be? Is something wrong with the sidewalk? I don't ride on the sidewalk because it's the designated place for pedestrians to mingle, it's dangerous ( If this have to explain to you, I'll take that you're not an experienced cyclist ) I'm used to riding in the road because that's where I belong.

It's even worse when I come around someone while riding on side streets with vehicles parked on each side, there is just no room for you to take the whole road. YOU ARE A TRAFFIC HAZARD! Don't expect me to be nice to you when asking you to move to the sidewalk. I have to deal with not only the vehicle behind me tailgating my tail but you who is to special for the sidewalk. What's up with taking up the bike lane for your pedestrian needs when the sidewalk is right there?
Huh?, pardon me? That's right your head caved in momentarily as the next SUV runs over you.

I'm not sharing anything with you!