It's a very nice sunny day. I'm in my car, I'm driving along on my way to work. I eventually make a left onto the busy street and end up in the passing lane, with my signal on. I can see no options. While waiting, I check my periphery and mirrors with i see no immediate options, so blinkers as my metronome, i wait even longer. AM radio song is CCR "up around the bend" and it's in sync with mu blinker.

I complete my left and pass a popular wing place. Filled to the hilt and spilling out on the sidewalk with people. People all doing that gross chicken wing eating ritual. Finger smacking with the bro and some fuck off times. Pints etc,

In the middle of the street and right in front of the wing fest is a pigeon with a broken wing. It's fucking dying. People look up from their drummettes and no fucks are considered. I rolled nearer and realized it was in some serious pain, so I turned and finished it. I was aside myself for what all I was doing but still managed to look over at you fat fucks smacking away.

I'm now vegan.