Finish your damn construction project motherfuckers.I rent a small modest apartment in inner NE Portland. In April you put your damn Honey Bucket right in front of my living room window. You guys made a lot of noise for about 4 days and now for the entire month of May have left the shitter right in front of my window. It has now gotten more attention and use than the Portland Loo. It is a message board for anarchists and gangsters,and a prank for kids trying to tip it over and make a shit volcano all over my sidewalk. I usually enjoy going out on my front step which is the only place a can sit outside but I don't like to drink my am tea and breakfast with the stench or sounds of local shitters farting. The other day a girl even asked me for a hanger because she had dropped her phone inside the toilet and wanted to fish it out. And right now as I write this damn letter there is some junkie either shooting up or taking an extra long big shit with his bike leaning up on the side. F%$#U! Construction Company...get this thing off my sidewalk before I coat your abandoned excavator with it's contents.