Once upon a time, decent weed was common place in Portland. You could find Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, and Meshmacon, all the time, for only ten bucks a lid. Then the price crept up to twelve and fifteen per ounce. The next thing to happen was you couldn't even find the good stuff any more. Colombian showed up for twenty a bag. It was almost as fine, but not quite. Still, it smelled and tasted great.

Nowadays all you find in this Eathquake disaster prone zone is nothing but Skunkweed. It was sort of interesting when it first showed up. but enough already. Sure, it's strong shit, grows fast with high indoor yields, but it STINKS!

Only once in my life did I have have Maui Wowie and THAT was NICE! It was coco brown with specks of gold. It smelled like coconut and pineapple with a taste sweet as tropical fruit. Let's see more of THAT shit!