I usually get a sense of smug about me when I see a dust up between two people on bicycles because for all the bicycle hype spewing out of this place, we won't ever be like Amsterdam or the like because our city is full of dumb Americans who will do stupid shit whilst being totally unaware of their surroundings.

As I rolled by in the bike lane on NE Broadway around Davis this morning and saw the mangled tire amongst two entangled bicycles, a typical early 20s Portland gal with the anachronistic hair style and extra large sunglasses and the slightly overweight middle aged woman decked out in her finest safety vest, I was ready to chuckle to myself. But then I saw the little Toto-like dog in the young woman's arms and saw the basket on the bike and I got sad imagining what that dog went through so that that woman could live out some European fantasy lifestyle. Hope your dog is okay. You, meh.