Your face was absolutely priceless when I scolded your son for jumping all over my rock wall. You see, I've seen him a few times before doing the same shit, but by the time I had gone outside hoping to lay down the law like old man Potter, he was gone. I had forgotten about it until I was outside yesterday and saw him doing the same thing, except this time, he was with you! His mother!
First of all, the rocks are really old. I stood on one to get better leverage in weeding my garden a few weeks back and I nearly twisted my ankle when the rock loosened and wobbled. So when your son jumps up and down on the rocks, he's not only contributing to the deterioration that 80 years have already accomplished, but he's also playing Russian roulette with his safety (not that I should care, but you definitely should.)
Secondly, it's just fucking disrespectful. I work hard in my yard to not have it trampled on by some eleven year old twit whose Mother lacks the common sense to tell her son not to do it. You see those flowers all over my wall? There's no reason they should be stepped on when they're three and a half feet up.
So yeah, I scolded your son. Maybe in the grand scheme of things, it's a small problem, but when I get home from putting in a full day's work, the last thing I want is to yell at a kid because his mother was too pussy-footed to do it herself. Next time, the little shit is getting hosed. Be advised.