Drivers: Check this this out. You are driving in one lane down a one-way street that has two lanes. Let's say, Stark or Washington east of 82nd. So you think you should be able drive fast, which I respect. I also like to drive fast when I can. Now let's say there's a line of cars stopped in front of you. What do you do? Obviously, you peel out into the next lane and got 40 mpg straight ahead. Right?

Wrong. There might actually be a reason that cars have stopped. Perhaps some lowly pedestrian is trying to cross the street? Well, I am that lowly pedestrian. So please don't kill me, yeah?

I have been the annoyed driver who is stuck in traffic and just wants to get where I'm going. But just so you know, you are driving a killing machine. And I am just skin and bones. So please think the next time you gun around that line of cars. I know that Oregon is pretty lax on the Vehicular Homicide tip, but I really don't think that you want to kill me and have that on your conscience for the rest of your life. Do you?