Hi dog lovers and animal fans. If you see me walking my dog and you think she's pretty do not immediately come up to us, kneel down, and put your ugly face into hers ("Who's a good girl?! Gimme a kiss!") because she will probably bite your lips off. Do not walk by us at an on-leash park with your dog who is off leash and tell me that my dog, who is barking at yours, would "...probably be less aggressive if it wasn't on a leash - it's a dog thing." and continue to walk away like I'm a horrible person. See here. Regardless of what your spirit animal is, whether it be a dolphin, hermit crab, it doesn't have to necessarily be a beach animal, maybe a Platypus, it could even be something like the recently extinct Quagga - please do not assume you know me or my dog. Do not assume my dog, or anyone elses dog, is going to be nice. Some dogs get adopted at a later age, and it's up to their new owners to help reintroduce them to society and good habits. So the next time you walk up to me and my dog, ask if you, especially your kids, can pet her, and I'll probably say something like, "Sure, just be gentle because she's new and is still getting use to people." Then, you can turn on the love and also walk away with your lips still attached to your face. If you're at an on-leash dog park, keep your fucking dog on a leash. There's nothing else to it. Some of us are trying to socialize our dogs in a controlled/leashed environment, before we make the leap to an off-leash park.