Anyway, Portland Mercury. I hated your former "I'm not a posh boy I grew up in Croydon (but not really I have a posh accent and probably slept their for two weeks once) former editor." He was a fucking dick and reached mouse levels of ego inflation and self importance. But I gotta say, the last 5 years you've been on a serious decline.

Today there is an article with advice from Activism 101. (Sign petitions! Volunteer! Give money! Talk to your friends/neighbors/crazy people on the bus!) I think I read that on a million blog posts somewhere else. And in social studies in 8th grade.

And what, you refuse to cover a harassment/sexism scandal at city hall because you thought the willy had it covered? Seriously?

Not to mention your most clicked on article that brought the fluoride loonies out in spades. While I appreciated the trolling, it was cheap.

I'm not going to call you journalists because, well, see above. But honestly, the Merc used to be interesting. It had interesting things to read. Interesting things to do. Now you're reaching willie levels of boredom and re-hash. Step it up Merc staff and remember you're members of a proud and dwindling number of people who get paid to write shit. Stop creating the equivalent of blogspot blogs.

(Also for the love of fucking god, just kill your fashion section already. It's boring as shit and full of crappy sustainable crappy crap. 2008 called Skinner it wants you back)