Just recently, I returned from a trip to Brazil. I shipped some stuff (some furniture, clothes, records and a lot of other stuff including sacks of worthless coins).

Those coins, they are magic. They work in all vending machines as US quarters. From trimet to the car wash and all in between , these fuckers work like a charm!

Want a coke? Pay a meter? Some coinstars for some some really real cash? Lotto ticks? Gamble some video crack? I got you covered. I've been able to float these coins for a good few months.

Best payment method is use self check out and use said coins. Real American cash comes right back at ya when you "over-pay".

The stash is dwindling and I have enough go back in a few months, guess what? I got another country witha better deal lined up. Haw haw you pdx worker bees can suck it!

Cash cash cash bitches. The rest you fucks can go suck it!