We’ve crossed paths before, and I think you’re stunning when you do your cardio. This morning at the gym, it was just the two of us at 6am in the whole building. We exchanged hi’s and even made fun of the reporter on CNN having something in his nose on national television. It was embracive actually. What was even more stimulating? Was when we both finished our workout. I headed into shower first, not knowing that only one shower in the women’s locker room was working, and you shortly followed.

You tried the broken shower but soon realized that it was out of order. You continued to undress, asking me if I was going to be long. When I didn’t answer you, because I didn’t hear you ask me at first, you opened up my shower curtain and just stood there, allowing us both to just look at each other naked. 15 long erotic seconds later, you realized what you had done and apologized, shutting the shower curtain embarrassed and quickly.

I would like to extend the invite for you to take back your apology. Our eye contact, and my eagerness to give you what you wanted, actually put me to work right on time. Without you, i might have been late. It also allowed me to think about that 15 seconds all day today.

Tomorrow?.. Same time?.. Same place?