Most people are prejudiced in one way or another. I get that, but what I don't get is why so many people feel that their well being is somehow put in jeopardy by others gaining the same rights they have. For instance, I don't really care if you think that gay sex is gross, or if you're just kind of scared of homosexuality because you were socialized to fear it/subconsciously believe that it's contagious. That just makes you kind of dumb and/or gullible in my eyes. It's only when you feel the need to stand and fight against gay marriage that I start to think you're a totally sociopathic asshole.

Why in the world do you care who other people marry? Is there like some shortage on marriage and you're afraid that the gays are gonna take it all for themselves? Are you so bored that you have nothing better to do than try to hold other people back?

No, I'm pretty sure that you just can't appreciate your own rights if they apply to everyone equally. Why would you give a fuck about equality when you're the one benefiting from an unequal world?