Last Thursday


Portland: a town of passive aggressive white people who use dog shit to covertly get even with anyone who wrongs them.
Don't think we don't pride ourselves on that very fact, j.cas!! dog shit 4-EVR!
Perhaps I am being a bit negative, but anyone else wish Last Thursday would just go away?
I'm actually OK with this. When someone parks in front of your driveway there's no way to contact them. Anonymous' alternative would be to call a towtruck, which would be dickisher.
Whoa, dickisher! © on that shit!
what's illegal in residential? There was a festival, and they maybe parked there because of your house. "this feels like good people, who would do wrong to them?.. SO Parking here!"

A rant on anon means your house burn down during that time huh?............ FUCK!
I'm not much on passive aggressiveness, but you were definitely justified here.
Only crazy people smear dog poop on stuff.
Wow, this person not only parked in front of your driveway but also drove you to pick up animal shit with your own hands?
Might be true. In a purely reactionary moment, I flung a bag of dog poop at a car that ran a stop sign and almost hit me (and the shit generator) over. If I saw that car later parked, and I had some dog poop in a bag handy, I'd be tempted to smear away if the coast was clear. I'd hit the door handle, though.
Did you actually need to get in/out of your driveway, or were you just so angry at the inconsiderate parking job that you smeared shit on their window? If you really needed to leave or get in you should have just called a tow truck. I accidentally parked in front of a driveway once, and the owner of the house kicked a giant dent into my door. I would have rather paid the towing fee then the $900 it cost to fix my car. YOU FUCKING SUCK FOR SMEARING SHIT!!!! People make mistakes sometimes. Deal with it like an adult. Hopefully you realize that if they blocked your driveway, they are going to know which house belongs to the person who smeared shit on their car - but I'm sure they won't retaliate ;)
@ froyo:

How does one "accidentally" park in front of a driveway? It's not as if it's a fire hydrant obscured by a bush -- it's a driveway.

Anyway, maybe the home owner accidentally kicked that dent into your door.

And maybe i'm accidentally being an asshole.
Well, I hope I don't offend and I appreciate what volunteers are doing but Last Thursday is over. I feel like it's not a community event anymore. I would know, i helped create it. It's now kind of an unpaid beer commercial/hook up party/ real estate developer feeding frenzy. Most of the folks who live there don't like Last Thursday so it's hard for me to sell it to others when asked. I love the performers, old friends and several other true Alberta street heroes. I will totally back them all the way. People think I'm cool with everything all the time but I can't get behind a blight like that. Some things last too long. I have some unpopular opinions. Maybe because too many unrelated profiteers have infiltrated LT. People blame the city, but the mob is really belligerent and often too thick to even ride a bike in. Topher and Dingo had their asses handed to them when the Clown House lasted too long. All T's wonderful creations were destroyed by drunken hipsters and D.D. lost everything. I also saw really bad people manipulate the situation for their own designs. Awful people got credit for good deeds and good people got accused of bad things. yuk! I always thought that it should move to a more uptight part of town like Foster Powell or 82nd and anywhere st. . A place that really needs the stick pulled from it's ass. In the beginning when M4 was a few intrepid folks with marching band equipment in a shopping cart , the clown house were all undercover activists, people listened to rock music and fistfights were more common.. .the locals called Last Thursday "White Night"( because that was the only time white folks came out.). Our mission then was "Lets get some sticks out of asses"People round here are too pissed off.. We rocked it for many years, loosened up the hood and saw many splendid things. I think it's safe to say people on Alberta have loosened up just fine. The personal autonomous zones work best when they are there for a good reason. If you just need a playground for obnoxious 20-30-somthings please keep it at Burning man or move it somewhere that people don't have to work/school in the morning. D.D.
12 dislikes?! Could the readers get any dickisher©?!
@human in training

Accidentally: Meaning I did not do it on purpose.
Froyo - and he's asking how, as if to imply that he thinks you're full of shit. Which clearly you are.

If you're too blind to see a driveway that you're parking in front of, you should probably not be driving at all.
Alright, since your so interested in how I could possibly park in front of a driveway without knowing it -

It was late, dark, the driveway was more of a dirt path. I'm not saying it wasn't dumb, or careless, I obviously should have seen the driveway. It was, however, an accident. Yes, I made a mistake.
Dingo speaks the truth. Most of us know it was over when they were driven driven from their home. It's all about OLCC revenue now.
39 dislikes only means one thing.. (Personal record) lol it means that what I was trying to prove opposite of, is right. (Portland you are weird) 'Get the fuck out of my driveway!!' (I bet my bf 40 dislikes though, and you bitches let me down.) Dear home owner, don't use dog shit next time though. Call a tow truck. Don't force you to wash your own hands because of these bitches. That part is kinda gross. 39 dislikes, you bitches are romantic!
If I had parked somewhere illegal, I'd much rather have shit on the windows and run the car through the wash, rather than have to taxi to the tow truck company and then shell out a few hundred bucks to those assholes.
First off joke's on him because that wasn't dog shit, put a porta potty in front of your house or deal with the consequences last thursday!