The traffic was worse than usual leaving the city yesterday evening after work. Sitting at the stoplight, windows down, I started hearing this awful high pitched man-whine approach the car lane next to me. Ah yes, a lovers quarrel. He seemed to be having a whiney panic attack and releasing this frustration on his girlfriend who sat bewildered in the passenger seat, trying to ask him calmly to explain why he was so upset. Flailing his hands about and cry-whining about how she doesn't understand him quickly led to him actually putting the car in park and leaving the car and his girlfriend in traffic. Completely just walked away. Is love hard? Sure. Do I know the whole story? No. Do I feel that a guy over the age of 12 shouldn't have tantrums in public? Yes, absolutely. You're too old for this shit. Get back in the goddamned car and talk to your girlfriend. I hope everything worked out? I kind of hope this chick realized that she doesn't want to date a whiney child? In the end, from my perspective, it really made my time in the traffic jam fly.