You've been a great friend. You were there when I needed a shoulder. You're a beautiful person. But I also hear the things you say about me to everyone else. I know that you have been calling me a whore and tell our boss things so that I cant get good shifts. That you have been flirting with my ex boyfriend via text. And that you stole money when I let you stay at my place for a week. I just felt that I could find a better solution than confronting you, because I cant stand the juvenile arguing , and accusations, and most likely denial of what I already know you have been doing. So with much thought on how to confront the situation, if confront it at all. I found, in my mind, a way to ease my thoughts. I know you miss your ex husband, and you are monumentally sorry for ruining the marriage. So when you asked me to talk to him about how you felt, I did.

I also fucked him that night as well. :)

Happy shit talking sweetheart- <3