Hate break the news kid but it sucks. The shit was warm and your hair was a bit unkept. Also, I don't think you have ever washed your hands thoroughly. You were missing a few teeth too but I'll let that slide.
The sign said it was organic so I asked you if the lemonade was certified organic. You shrugged your shoulders. No reply, just shrugged.

What the fuck kind of business plan do you have here? I saw your emptys (some organic valley AND western family) co-mingling??? Maybe put some lemons on your table instead of some dumbass dirty doll with glasses.

Is this fucking funny to you? Serving warm lemonade, higher up on a hill at Mt. Tabor that is "sort" of 1/2 organic?? Shit lady, the goddamn "a" on your sign was backwards to boot, I tried telling you this and you said "I dunno".

I've reported you to the health department. You've been warned!