she said,
I was up above it, now I'm down in it...

My 4th of July went like this... I rode to a drug store to buy Durex lube & Instead Soft Cups.

I saw two police vehicles [UN-marked/marked] in the left lane {which was in a turning or "go straight" lane} waiting for traffic signal. I rode into the empty right lane {turning/straight} I positioned myself in front of the first vehicle in the left lane as I was going to turn left in the first place ( If I would have picked the way I came in I would've gone straight, but I would have a harder time turning into the flow of traffic because of two lanes of oncoming traffic of the opposite direction.) Suddenly I hear this speeding vehicle rushing towards the red signal. It was the UN-marked police vehicle with the other police behind it. The window automatically rolled down & he said "You know, you have to follow the traffic laws like everyone else; you can't cut through here & take everyone's turn. The person behind you could've wanted to go straight & now they've to wait for you to turn left. You probably ruined their day because of that." I just agreed with him because I didn't want him to abruptly turn his squad vehicle into me, he seemed drunk! {I should have gotten his plate#} The signal turned green he burned rubber&was first to leave.Two words for you: BIKE BOX! I bet he was going to turning left in the first place,picked on me because he nothing to do, tiny brain & not at all endowed.