I, Anonymous, sold out my city.

I co-created a TV show about Portland. I won't say which one it is, but let's just say that it makes a cardboard parody of Portland and the people here. Remember the film "Singles", with Matt Dillon as a grunge rocker? Remember how it was the moment that Seattle became "Seattle", and lost its sincerity in the process? Yeah, that's what my show does for Portland! Pretty cool, right?

On our show we mock all kinds of people who are committed to effecting social movement in our community through the direct expression of progressive politics in their daily lives. We mock the people at the non-profit, volunteer-run feminist bookstore. We mock men who don't conform to dominant forms of masculinity. We mock people who use their bicycle for transportation. We mock people who consider the ethicality of their eating habits. We're funny! Oh, and we would never film east of 205. East Portland = NOT funny.

People love our show. It's really helped spread awareness of how "hip" and "now" it is here, and I think it's doing a lot to encourage the unsustainable influx of young people into our city, and could even be contributing to the increasingly strained housing market and rising cost of living. Lucky for me that I own real estate here!