Herbs and Spices


Tell that filthy hippie to take a bath.
Spice must flow.
You're not going to kick anyone's neck. Next time you will wait like an asshole for another 7-10 minutes, just like last time.

Just walk up and do your thing. Don't say shit, get your pepper and go. He would have moved for you; they always do.
Sad to see that the spice rage trend is reaching our fair city...
It's all the rage!
Anyway, if people like you could just relax and learn to enjoy the slow lane in life, you wouldn't have to get all annoyed by selfish assholes who make you wait because they're unable to share.
If your not grinding, just drop the pretense that is the bulk spice section and get some McCormicks.
How do you expect to get a good neck kick in when you just warned the guy? How come you weren't willing to escalate the situation in person but you're more than willing to do it from a safe distance? I label thee typical Portland passive aggressive dog! Good day to you sir/madam.
Even worse are the people that go to the market not to shop but to socialize, where they end up blocking the aisles with their cart and their stupid kids while they jibber jabber instead of shopping.
Don't get all salty like your thyme is worth money, it's not like the re-tartar was acting like Rosemary's baby. You're parsley to blame for this. If you were really cumin on strong you would have hit him in the face with your mace instead of getting all nutmeg and peppering him with insults.
I agree people are annoying but dont be one of them I mean really...how much prep space do you need for some pepper?
JRRTrollkien, thank you for making me laugh harder than I have in some time.
JRRTrollkien just dethroned Todd as the new king of wit. In all fairness, Todd's game had been slipping for months.
take a chill pill 'bitch'
Bag it. Tag it. Sell it to the butcher at the stoo-oore.