Who Cares if They Call it the Moda Center


Troll is gonna troll.
I just call everything Civic Stadium.
You think free abortions are negotiated in their contract now? The Blazers get everything,.. rich bastards.
Bullshit! My issue is with my insurance company spending 40 plus million over ten years as marketing. And has does MODA/ODS make money? From the OHP and from private insurance premiums.

Are these the same assholes that are going to deny a coverage for someone in my family in the next ten years, probably.

Are these the same son of a bitches that raise my deductible so even though I have a good job a doctor's visit costs me $200, yep that them.

Our Health Care System sucks and it will never get better. With my job I two choices come this January, and the other is worse the ODS/MODA.

So should I now be pleased that Rose Garden is now the MODA Center? And what the fuck does MODA stand for?
Mediocre Oregon Doctor's Association
Horrible sounding name.
Moda Center being next door to the Memorial Coliseum means we may refer collectively to the area as MC Squared.

(Credit to Sean Roberts, audio tech)
So does this 40 million get factored into how MODA spends your premiums? My guess is probably not, that somehow the city, the blazers and Moda figured a way to spend this money and skirt the premium law, probably by pulling the funds from some shady scheme that is not "premiums". I'd like to see some investigation on that.