but I still don't understand why you continue to lie to your friends about your boyfriend 'A'. The first sign that 'A' was an abusive prick should be clear by how he treats your aging dog. There is no reason why he had to constantly verbally abuse your dog whose only sin was its existence. I guess your dog is such a threat that it warrants verbal abuse and possibly physical abuse.

The second sign that your boyfriend 'A' might be an abusive prick was when he pushed your female BFF on the ground hard enough that she broke her wrist. Happy Thanksgiving!. If I was her, I would have pressed charged for assault. None-the-less you continued to date that toxic POS and it greatly poisoned your friendship(s).

The third sign that your boyfriend 'A' might be a abusive prick is when the FBI came to your house because your boyfriend was downloading kid porn, which involved the torture and rape of young children as young as 3 and 4. Even after the trial and arrest, including his outburst of wanting to 'shoot the judge', you still stand by his side.

Not only to you stand by his side, you still perpetuate lies concerning his incarceration to everyone, including your closest and best friends. You tell people that he is on the East Coast aiding his sick parents, making him out to be an angel. You know best that underneath the charm and charisma lies not an angel, but a vicious monster. Why the protection?