Everyone who grew up around here, and possibly some who didn't, knows the Vista Bridge is where you do it if you want to kill yourself. The other pedestrian bridges don't guarantee death. Though I believe second choice is the Freemont if you have a car.

But everyone fucking knows this. I understand certain places where the news comes first are butthurt this is happening so close to them. But where did the journalist code of ethics go?

In fact, a recommendation as to responsible reporting on suicide:
Don't write as if suicide is "an unexplainable, personal decision that lacks causes and cannot be prevented"

Most of Portland media violates that one over and over again. Here's the real danger, there is such a thing as a copycat effect. If you must report on the Vista bridge, just talk about the barriers and stop sensationalizing the deaths happening there.

We already know this is happening. We've always known. As long as that bridge stands, we will always know. Just because it's a surprise to you, doesn't mean we have to know about it.