Most oblivious person in Portland


If her trike was being pulled by eight pugs with tiny antlers, it's Mrs. Claus, she summers at a condo in the Pearl.
Oh hell yes.

Wait you didn't video this?!? Are you here to tell us you saw this and we CANNOT see it? You #\@$\$\!/**?\4#$6.

For the last time-

Gomer, that's why they GIVE you a video camera in your phone. Yes, even your flip phone comes equipped.

I give up on you people. Here we have an exceedingly rare chance to capture a snapshot of a nearly mythical PDX-only species- the Obliviated Recumbent Trike Dyke and what do you do Anon? You stand there slurping your Sustainable Snow Cone (made from gray water) thinking well that was odd, hey I should post an I Anonymous later and let everybody know there is still No Proof the Obliviated Recumbent Trike Dyke really exists. Yes that's what I shall do.

I fucking quit you all. I really do.
I'm not buying the title to this. "Most Oblivious Person In Portland' is a pretty deep field with some seriously stiff competition.
She's just cruising to find that special someone so she can finally get that tandem recumbent she's been eyeing.
She rides a bike so she is more important than 300 other people.