After many months on the market, way too many visits by realtors and randoms, the condo I've been renting finally sold.  This place had suited me perfectly.  It had a garage for all my bikes, super clean and updated, quiet and in an ideal inner SE 'hood. 

You, the cute frat boy/ sorority couple/ new home owners, along with your awkward realitor, sat on my couch waiting for me to get home so you could obnoxiously grill me about all the ends and outs of your future home, pros/cons/the good, the bad and the ugly.

I glamorized your place out of respect for the realtor and over all frustration of my place being sold to a pair of mid twenty something's who had the money to pay for something that was so over priced. I also had no doubt in less then a year from now, you'd either need a second bedroom or be divorced. 

Well guess what!  Here's the worst of the bad:

Between your fancy new mortgage and HOA my rent for the last 3 years was at least $450 a month cheaper.  You guys got ripped the fuck off and bought a place that has a HOA that rivals the nastiest of regimes! 

Congratulations on your new ball and chain and it's awesome that I lost my affordable apartment to you.   

P.S. The stain along baseboard in the corner of the bedroom? Yes, totally is.