Hey, woman who walks around wearing bible verses and carrying a heavy black thing on your head as if you were carrying water in Africa: I saw you spit at a white pickup stopped at the traffic light by the library. And the chatty fat christian man at the same streetcar stop who spat out "Buddhist!" as if it were an epithet. If both of you are shining beacons, living examples of Jesus, then Jesus is one vicious, hating son of a bitch. And the young female downtown beggar with a sign saying you're pregnant: Instead of using your genitalia, use the pimple at the top of your spinal cord where a brain normally goes, and use birth control. You can't even take care of yourself, and now you're adding another carbon footprint for the world to feed. You beggars: Social services are helping me and others find a home and job. If they're not helping you, you fucked up. You're a drug addict, a hostile asshole, a destructive trashy ass, or some other sort of fuck-up.

(To be continued...)