Officially Mentally Something


I'de say that to my dad and mom, live under a bridge.
Nextly, I would feel awkward and insincere if I didn't hear stories from people who have lived under the bridges and alienated themselves away from what may be called UNAFFORDABOLE PEER PRESSURE.
The good news from some of them were the stories of inheriting money after their parents died. At that point, I imagined 30,000.00 dollars being spent on 1 year in a rental home in the suburbs and a 10,000.00 car. These guys THOUGH, had that and "partied". Girls aren't sexually frustrated men, and who knows where they have been and who they have been with, so yeah: Ha, Ha, Ha , Ha....reflectively the next year y'all might be equivalents and you sound like you are using a psuedonym too.
I think they have a letters-to-the-editor section for this kind of thing. Not really I Anonymous stuff here.
I have a friend who suffers from similar symptoms. Her family changed her vital statistics in the banana republic where she was born, so that she cannot replace her lost US visa and passport with which to lawfully obtain food stamps, Medicaid, or Social Security benefits. She lives on the street, is victimized by other street people, and discriminated against by supposedly, "normal" up standing citizens. She thinks out loud all the time, and laughs in her sleep. She can't stay at a shelter, and won't stay where she is constantly being criticized all the time. Even the churches don't do shit for her. One time she was sleeping on a nice warm bus. The driver kicked her out, late at night at the end of the line. She got off the bus and was raped.
Poor, poor Amanda Bynes. I'm sure Amanda Bynes is in about as much emotional distress because of a pseudonymously-written column hacking on her in a free weekly as said weekly is because of an anonymously-written rant railing on them for writing it is.

In other words, not too much. There are tons of injustices out there worthy to fight against, Anon, but this isn't one of them. (Your heart's in the right place, though.)

Also, five bucks says that you'll read next week's installment of the very column you're bitching about. And then the one after that. Etc., etc. Which is their whole point in writing it. They win.
Only $40? Where have you been getting your therapy? The rest of us have been getting jacked!
LOLZ, and other shit
This Anon has strong juju. Notice the Todd Mecklem deflector?
40 bucks? What the fuck are you talking about? These crappy jokes are free!
Lowest common denominator Anon. Surprised?
I suppose we don't afford the same care we'd give our friends to people who are rich, famous for reasons we can't exactly name, whose sense of entitlement knows no bounds, seem to live in a more or less consequence-free environment, have the law generally on their side because...what was your question again?
I try to avoid reading or learning anything more about all those people listed, so as not to encourage this foolishness any longer.
I realize Anns column is supposed to be funny, but....
"I recently opened a mercury"