Your lid and sleeve game is wack. I don’t know if the person ordering your supplies is spending too much time focusing on the coffee’s notes of whateverberry musk, revising the number of frayed cutoff jorts baristas are required to wear, or maybe just trying to be nice to the environment by buying more eco-friendly sleeves/lids, but this essential facet of coffee-ing up Portland’s workforce has gone out the damn window. Have you actually tried slipping a freshly filled cup of coffee or espresso drink into one of your sleeves? They don’t work for shit. Your palm just gets super burning hot as if there were no sleeve at all. So you have to use two or three of them, which is silly and wasteful. Or, be constantly switching the cup from hand to hand or finding a place to hold it from the top, which is not easily accomplished on a lurching, crowded Trimet bus at 8:20 AM. Please go back to sleeves that work or styrofoam cups. And while you’re coming around the counter to try this out, throw a lid on there and take note of all the annoying little drips that leak out the side onto your hand. It’s maddening. It's like the lid doesn't actually fit the rim of the cup but is just used by the coffeeshop anyway because it's cheap and close enough. I could care less about your barista's hipness levels or attitude or even the fact that one coffee costs nearly three dollars now, I just want to sip coffee and get caffeine in me on the way to my job. So please, do yours. Thanks.