To the stupid STUPID grocery market checker arguing with me today about the type of fucking chili pepper I was trying to buy.

Hey LADY if you ASK me what it is don't TELL me it ISN'T what I say it is. You already claimed ignorance. Game over. I get you wanted to charge me for a red pepper because its red. As I SAID the jalapenos sometimes go reddish orange and thats what I look for.

But i see your Churlish Battleaxe Customer Belittlement ante and raise it to an Over-reacting Cock Sucking Customer Complainer.

Yes I esacalated to your Store Manager who has promised me in no uncertain terms that disciplinary measures may be taken. Its good to know that even now as I write this your grocery store management is reviewing video of the selection process and transaction to ensure that your customer disservice is properly addressed.
No the customer is not always right but if you are going to take us to task on it you had better not be WRONG.
You cheesed off the wrong chester today checkerlady. Its ok to hate your job but if you hate your customers you won't have one.