Hey, I volunteered at Hood to Coast this year to help out some friends. I showed up on time for my shift and hung out at my post waiting for the action to start. When it did it my job quickly morphed into a nightmare - stop the people from going where they want to go. What could go wrong! Instead of any signage or cones to direct the flow of thousands of people, they use only human volunteers and our assertive voices! So teams were confused and frustrated by the time they got to me, and I was stuck in the sun all day developing animosity towards runners who are so into their "experience" that they can't see that I'm just trying to prevent them from being killed by some dumb "will run for beer" van. Basically, I was the asshole all day, and no matter how nice I tried to be about it, people acted like I was personally out to ruin their lives (other than the two people who thanked me for volunteering). There was no support from officials (coming down to remind me that my job is to stop the people while I am clearly doing just that is not helpful), not even extra water (I went through my two bottles pretty fast). At the end of my 5 hour shift, no one came to relieve me. It took half an hour to get someone else to stand in my spot, and an hour to get out of the exchange area. This is a for-profit race! This race relies on volunteers! There was no anticipation of the crowds, and no support for the volunteers where I was stationed, and sadly not of moment of fun, suck city.