I've seen some rude behavior here in Portland but the two women in the SW cupcakery this morning take the cake. Bypassing the line and walking straight up to the register will not get you served quicker, at least not this morning. Glaring at the counterperson and the customers who had been waiting patiently before you showed up certainly won't get you served quicker. In fact it will make sure that every single person who was there waiting before you will point out the person who should be helped next even though you kept trying to get the barista's to help you first. There weren't that many people in line and the wait wasn't that long. Just be polite, get in line, and wait your turn like everyone else. Don't try and force the barista to help you by shoving your way to the front. What you did was silly, childish, it put the girl who was helping everyone in a really difficult position. Oh, and the way you stalked out after getting your coffee, well, it made you look even more childish.