I respect cyclists, reducing your carbon footprint is admirable...I'm on board with the movement. But seriously, turning the pedals to get your wheels going simply does NOT cut it in this modern world anymore. "Bikers" get so pissed off at cars when they ignore the rules of the road aka: not being attentive to fellow bicycles vehicles around you, cutting off designated bike lanes, etc. And BAM you nearly hit a cyclist and are pissed at he/she for your own ignorance.

But what happens when a cyclist doesn't know how to share the road? What happens when a cyclist doesn't know the rules and regulations to owning a bicycle? I understand the harmonies of sharing my space with a cycler. I do not pass them when nearing a stop sign. I do not cut off a bike lane when I am turning, and I am constantly surveying the road for you, my dear, dear cyclist. However, when you try and pass me, illegally, so you can get around to naively turn left, while I'm turning left, you're nearly hit being in my blindside. I will not feel bad if I hit you. When you are with a swarm of Sunday cyclists and fail to yield at the yield sign, turn onto my road as I'm going 30 MPH, and I almost hit you, as you illegally enter the road I'm traveling; I do not feel an ounce of remorse as you nearly fall to the ground.

You're most likely not experience cyclists, how unfortunate for you. Seriously, educate yourselves dudes. And PS...people who don't wear helmets are lame...I mean, you'd wear your seatbelt right?