Type 1: You drive fast down neighborhood streets, wrapped up in your own world. A 3 year old black cats darts out in front of you, THUMP! Do the taillights flash, does the car slow down and stop? Not a bit. When my youngest boy found out later that his cat was gone, the thing that upset him the most was that there are people in this world like you who won't even slow down when they take out something that matters.

Type 2: You see this happen, and run out to the street and cradle the cat in your arms, bringing him to the sidewalk. You find a blanket and cover him, then look to see if someone might care. You find his tag, call the owner, and stay with the cat until his family can get there. You apologize, and commiserate. You took time out of your Saturday to make sure someone could have some comfort and peace.

Type 1: Fuck you, selfish asshole.

Type 2: Thank you for being awesome and for being part of my neighborhood.