I understand, how maybe hearing me yell "It's not a crosswalk, a-hole." might have been misconstrued as being directed at you, or what I assumed to be your wife, but understand, it was directed at the car that I almost slammed into because they decided to let you cross where there was no crosswalk visible.

What you did immediately following that, was uncalled for. You yelled something, then proceeded to daintily throw your cup of coffee against the front of my car.

I turned the corner, regarded you for a moment, asked my passenger what you'd said and he informed me you yelled. "Not in front of my kid!" This brings up two important points.

1. Maybe throwing your beverage at a car in order to punish someone you perceive as exposing your child to vulgarity isn't the best idea if your trying to set an example.

2. I was ready to pull over, and have a few choice words with you, until I was informed that the person I assumed was your wife, was your child.

You decided that a little vulgarity prompted a ridiculous outburst in-front of your kid, and nearly got into a confrontation with a complete stranger.

Next time, try to think things through, and maybe not be such a tremendous asshat.