On Saturday, September 14th, you were speeding down SE Cesar Chavez by Ash Street, and in a ditch effort to avoid hitting two other people, you sideswiped my husbands car, smashing in the entire drivers side. You stupid bitch, didn't even bother to stop to see if he was alright. You pulled around the corner on Oak Street, and my guy thought that you might just do the right thing and at least check in. Instead, you fled the scene, you cowardly piece of shit. My husband was injured because of you and the car is most likely totaled. The police have all the information, including the headlight that you left lodged in the side of his car. What you did is not only a felony, but unbelievably cowardly. The cops are looking for you as we speak. I have a description of you, know what your car looks like, the condition that it is in with the tell-tale white paint from our car, and I am looking for you. I will take my pound of flesh when I find you, and, believe me, I will find you. I hope that guilt suffocates you. I hope you have nightmares about what you did to an innocent, good person. I hope that every time you hear a police siren, you panic wondering if they are coming after you. They will find you lady, and you had better hope they catch up to you before I do. You hurt the man I love, and I will make you pay.