Hit and Run


The OLCC has basically made DUI legal in Oregon. Good luck with getting help from the cops on your investigation.
I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab...
I approve of this I,A.
Hit and run drivers are complete pieces of shit.

People with Portland/Swastika avatars too.
My money is on Pecker Tracks.
i tracked down a hit and run in Eugene. She almost totaled my car, $6800 in damages. I found a piece of her trim and found the car just a couple blocks away. As a result her diversion was taken away for a previous DUI. Hopefully she learned. Good luck!

PS Even after tracking her down and saving my insurance company thousands of dollars, they still raised my rates when I moved to Portland. Regardless of what you do for them, they will do nothing for you.
Lucky! Sounds like somebody got a free headlight!
Once living in paris, one day, I went for a baguette, and got side hit by a Vespa. She called her Vespa "her Bitch", because it was between her legs. Anyways, oh my god that day. She was drunk, I was stoned, but I had the street of way to myself because the light was on red. Anyways, they just let you sink deep in shit, and then laugh at you.

No, I don't have a point.
Hit and run drivers serve a useful purpose in nature as Darwinism well proves.
Nature is a whore.
Your husband is lucky man to have a rad woman(?) like you; seriously.
I'll bet you'd tie him into bed and torch him if he back-talked you, though.
I hope you or the the police find this women. I also hope your husband's injuries are not too bad.
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!
"You hurt the man I love, and I will make you pay."
not likely, toughie.
Next time, get a license plate number. you're wasting your time here. take it to the next level, not the merc IA section.
Fuck! Why can't this be my ex, she...needs this.