I've stopped to talk to you ignorant 20-year-olds on Hawthorne and at 3rd and Morrison in the past and there are 5 things you need to Google to avoid another 5 decade loss for the cause you think you are helping with. Paul Erlich wrote The Population Bomb in 1968 when it was noted that 3rd world countries are overpopulated 5 decades ago. In 1971, the Concert For Bangledesh, George Harrison, Leon Russell, another decade-long attempt to save 3rd world children. Sally Struthers cries into the TV all through the 80's trying again, the Angelina Jolie method of saving kids all without abortions, pills, condoms. 1991 Micheal Jacksons We are the World, another try at the same failed method. Just stop and use the adoption money that probably doesn't make it to a kid anyway, to fund immediate abortions, pills, condoms or something that works. Anti-abortion Catholics say that technology will expand so all Gods children can be seated at the banquet of Christ. Send pictures of that table. I didn't buy an electric car and have only one child just to make resource room for your misguided adventure. Those that refuse to pay attention to History are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Funny how none of these unplanned births don't live at your house. Sad.