OK, you don't want to wear a helmet, I don't give a fuck. You want to ride a fixie, or a banana bike, or a $5k yuppie stick, still, no fucks will be given. But when you don't have any lights on your bike at all, and it is dusk or dark, I can not see you. I ride a bike as well, and commuted on my bike for years, I know how the roads can be for bicyclists. Last night in inner SE around dusk, I came very close to creaming a bicyclist with no front light on his bike, like too fucking close, like again, this happens all to frequently in Ptown. But for fuck's sake, are your really so fucking stupid? Maybe this is just natural evolution working to reduce the gene pool of morons who don't put lights on their bike at night. Perhaps you deserved to be ground into the pavement by my 2 ton vehicle. Nevermind, carry on.