Motorcycle Killer


Almost but that second to last sentence needs a big square cut out of it.

Get the ra ta tat tat tat ready. Here comes todd mecklem.
It used to be that nobody, no matter how fucking stupid, would ever even so much as touch a motorcycle that didn't belong to them. It's an un-written code from the Hell's Angels. Nowadays, with so many gray haired little old ladies rideingHoggs, and college kids on Vespas, there's just no more respect or proper fear.
^ I highly doubt when your average braindead ecoterrorist sees a vespa or some wimpy emo "motorcycle" he's stricken with imagery of Hell's Angels.

But the seat square seems like a weird fetish thing, not an ecoterrorist thing.. and since this story is everywhere they've likely seen it on the news. Any rational person would immediately stop, if this shit continues then it's a sociopath high on the thrill and pseudo notoriety.

Probably just likes to alternate sniffing the seat squares with the panties he steals from apartment complex and dormitory laundry rooms.
^ Murdercycle is probably the best movie about a murdering motorcycle.
My first girlfriend carved our names on the doors of the Paramount in 1981. I think the Schnitzers had them sanded off eventually.
"Who's the fucking nihilist here!? What are you, a bunch of fucking crybabies!?"-W.S.
My father owns a motorcycle and lives in the neighborhood where this has been happening. So thank you, motorbike seat vandals, for giving my elderly dad a reason to call me everyday and bug the living shit out of me about the status of his motorcycle seat, which is safely locked in a garage.