my friends never call me. they facebook me to cancel plans. they stay with their boyfriends who they fight with constantly. they stay at their jobs that they hate. they keep watching tv and commuting. they are tired, always too tired.
i have tried to make new friends. i don't know how. everyone i meet wants to be famous in some way. or they like drama.
does anyone want to do something real? i don't mean anything big. i don't mean a political movement. i just mean go for a walk or make a dinner. hang out in the yard.
do you remember when it was summer break and you were out of school and the days were so long and slow? you were bored but in a good way. you could sit still back then, and you were happy with just a daydream. I was on the porch this summer with my knees pulled up to my chest and I felt a tiny drop of sweat creep down my leg. I was not texting.