To the guy at the Peter Hook concert last night:

I don't think you heard me but people who are actually, really, from Portland do not give a fuck if you think they're cool.

Also, it's just kind of standard concert etiquette to not stand directly in front of someone. I'm sorry if you thought my "dude really" comment was NOT COOL. But holy shit did you overreact and it was hilarious. Sorry you came here because you thought Portland was cool? I guess? NOT COOL

And to my new instructor, I'm a fucking adult. Yeah I'm late to the whole college game and you might be used to teaching 18 year old kids straight in. But I'm 35 fucking years old and paid for this course and the books (which hey thanks to the curriculum change cost 5x as much!) out of my pocket. I'm going to piss when I want to. I will never raise my hand. Sorry. And holy god if you try and discipline me for not doing that, I'll be so excited. Because good luck enforcing hand raising. That is actually a fight I want to get into for the sheer entertainment value.

Anyway, good-bye shittastic week. I won't miss ya.