By making Marijuana illegal, they've taken a wild growing weed and turned it into a much, coveted, relatively scarce, precious commodity. Community gardens ought to be sanctioned for growing Cannabis Sativa and Indica. Now that might sound like an invitation to poachers, but how much theft is there currently of other herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables?

Even with all the significant problem of hunger nowadays, most of these unguarded gardens don't get ripped off much. Oh, sure, I've pilfered a few tomatoes myself on occasion; not because I didn't have money or food, but simply because the tomatoes were so tempting.

If Marijuana were growing as prolific as the weed that it is, then it wouldn't matter if someone now and then helped themselves to the excess. The solution is for everybody to start planting a shitload, all over the fucking place. The price will come down to nothing, and everybody will be happy.