10. Borrow a parked bike from Portland State, for a ride in the rain to Powell's Book Store.

9. Read a copy of 'Steal This Book,' by Abbie Hoffmanin, in the coffee shop at Powell's.

8. Leave the store with a copy of 'Steal This Book'.

7. Borrow a few fivers from customers outside at Powell's.

6. Ride up to the library at PSU to use the computers there to post some Spam at the Merc.

5. Find a comfortable chair for a nice, little, nap.

4. Go to the restroom and take a big crap.

3. Go to Rough Hall for a sandwich and beer with the borrowed fivers.

3. Go back to PSU to find one of the many public restrooms and take a leak.

2. Ride the borrowed bike back down to the Recyclery and visit with robbery Fencemaster.

1. Take a cab back home in the rain.