I bet it makes you feel real bad to see women who are skinny, even if they have no known drug problems and are well known vegans. And yet you're proud of your curvy body; perhaps you have a burlesque show. But I guess you're not proud enough of yourself not to shout, "Get healthy, we want to see you in twenty years," and "I saw you twenty years ago and you were beautiful." Twenty years ago, Fiona was 15, so I presume you must mean around the time she made the "Criminal" video and was even then being shamed for teaching young women eating disorders. If you've been following Fiona for twenty years, you should know exactly how she reacts to being cat called about her body. In fact, as a woman, you should know how a woman reacts to being told she's old and has an eating disorder, as she attempting to do a job. Exactly what reaction did you expect? The crowd to clap. Fiona to say, "Yes I have an eating disorder, and oh, curvaceous woman why don't you come up and teach me your ways?" Fiona assumed you must be with TMZ or Perez Hilton, and can you blame her? They too are obsessed with telling women how to present their bodies. We were then treated to a ten minute spectacle of obnoxiousness from the crowd and Fiona, when we could have been listening to "I Know," one of her best vocals the last time she was in Portland. So thanks for your input, body lady. There really is a problem with weight in America and it's not that most people are too thin. Air your body issues to your shrink.