Or is the Beer Capital, something different, as KOIN TV spells it? According to their story, the government shutdown is keeping new beers in Oregon from getting Federal approval for labels.

Fuck that anyway! Especially now that government is shut down. Remember the First Amendment? Write what ever the fuck you want on your own labels. If you misrepresent your product, then you can just be sued like the idiot you would then be, but it isn't the job of the police of the BATF to fucking censor your damned beer labels.

I hope this government shutdown is permanent, so that business can get on with doing business, without waiting around for Big Brother to waste time and money. With the ATF shutdown, now the brewers are free to do what they want, and they don't even know what to do with their freedom. This just goes to show how fucking brainwashed people are, and what wimps they have become. Do you think that Samuel Adams, the non homosexual brewer who dressed up like an Indian and dumped his competitors' tea into the bay, was waiting for government approval of his labels? True, it was rather chicken shit of him to disguis himself and blame Injuns.

I'd like to see a new brew mixed with hops, malt, gunpowder and Prince Albert. The label can have a picture of O'bama Husein Bin Laden, for all I care.

Portland might brew a lot of beer, and the Wilmette Valley grow World class hops, but Beer Capitol?