I feel your eyes bearing down upon me. Now you’re really staring at me as I swiftly walk past you. They cut through me, yet I have grown immune to it all. I hear the remarks as I’m near & it’s just plain sinister. Shim, mahu, tranny, I’ve heard it all before, & it has gotten spoiled rotten years ago. Your xenophobic harassment hurts.
I suggest you try something that might blow your brains: keep it inside there, don’t let it out, don’t shout or spew derogatory hate speak in the vicinity of me. I can’t control your xenophobia but, I would also suggest a class (or classes) so you’ll become educated on human rights (well that’s far-fetched).
You simulate progressiveness, yet you are such an immature prick! What gives you the right to hassle a stranger in public? Nothing! I’ve dealt with this sort of public shaming my whole life, not only have people verbally abused me, but physically attacked me years ago in high school (& got away with it). I would like it to end now!
I am a biological woman (more logic than you actually harbor) & have androgynous features, I don’t wax because it’s my body, my choice, it doesn't concern you at all. Regardless of that fact, there’s no format in which this behavior is acceptable or okay. What’s eating at your ability ( or lack therefore) to treat a person with respect? Come to terms with that before opening your mouth (to your dingy group of friends). High school ended years ago, step off!